Free Thought Blogger Meetup: A Conversation about Activist Blogging

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Atheist Talk Radio on Sunday was a conversation with (in order of appearance in the photo) Phil Ferguson (Skeptic Money), Moi (X Blog), Jen McCreight (Blag Hag) – that’s Biodork – and Stephanie Zvan (Almost Diamonds). We talked about blogging and stuff.

Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio ... Phil Ferguson, Greg Laden, Jen McCreight, Biodork and Stephanie Zvan

You can download the podcast here.

Later that day, Jen gave her talk on “God’s Lady Problem.” Biodork has a few brief comments on the talk, it will be written up for the Minnesota Atheists newsletter, and I may make a few comments later. It was a great talk, well received, and it was great to meet Jennifer as well as Phil who just happened to be in town checking out schools with his offspring.

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