Watch Mitt Romney Trying To Pretend To Be A Teabagger

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Hey Mitt,you’re too late. Been to P-Town lately? I’m thinking not. It’s that town with the big phallic symbol you go by on your way out to sea in your yacht.

Hat Tip: Right Wing Watch Picking the Low Hanging Fruit during CPAC.

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6 thoughts on “Watch Mitt Romney Trying To Pretend To Be A Teabagger

  1. Of course Mittens ain’t the only polly pretending tobe a teabagger – Newt Gingrich for one is surely smart enough to know much betetr than thethings he says.

    I sometimes wonder if many even *any* of the teabaggers are really serious about some of rubbish they spout or are spouting merely to impress the other tea baggers with their crazy teabagginess?

  2. On gay marriage, I hadn’t been paying much attention at the time (although I did write directly to my Irish Catholic ex-Marine state representative who needed some prodding to change his vote – which he did), but somehow I don’t remember Romney’s involvement as being quite so … involved as he claims.

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