“Mitt walked up to me and said that he had some experience with the press …”

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Graham Smith has a nice piece on Mitt Romney’s activities protesting during the Viet Nam War. It includes an interesting photograph.

This will not bother many of those who support him, but anyone who is leaning right these days but who thought the Draft and the Viet Nam war was bad, might want to know about his activities. They were, of course, a long time ago, so it really does not matter much. What does matter is that he was protesting to retain the draft at the same time that he was exempt from it, which makes Mitt Romney a bit of a dick.

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2 thoughts on ““Mitt walked up to me and said that he had some experience with the press …”

  1. If it causes him any problems, Mitt could always take a page out of his father’s book and say he was “brainwashed” by the military brass.
    As the article says, George Romney was governor of Michigan at the time Mitt took part in this rally; within a year or two, George had a change of heart and spoke out against the war. He excused his previous position by using (metaphorically, one can presume) the term “brainwashed.” This was widely ridiculed and caused him to fall from the ranks of GOP favorites for the 1968 nomination.
    I think it may also help explain why Mitt is being so damn careful in what he says during this campaign. He has some experience with the press, indeed.
    Killed By Fish

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