Herman Cain WTFs Barbara Walters

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There are a few more days left in December, but I don’t think there is any chance of any spit-takes (dry or otherwise) beating this one for the “Year’s Best WTF Moment” … and we are pleased to see that it was by one of the greats in her field, the one and only Barbara Walters:

Hat Tip: Scott Brophy

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6 thoughts on “Herman Cain WTFs Barbara Walters

  1. I laughed out loud even with a case of bronchitis that has left me otherwise voiceless. It says a lot that such a practiced hand as Barbara Walters was so taken aback by his reply that she let her professional facade slip.

  2. I think he looked at all the cabinet positions he could remember and picked the one that seemed easiest. Interior – picking curtains and paint for federal buildings, too hard. Education – out for obvious reasons. Agriculture – ivy plant died in college dorm room. Postmaster General – have to remember all those zip codes and not very good at numbers. Defense – make speeches in front of troops and tell them to kill bad guys, easy.

    For those who would claim that postmaster general is not a cabinet position we are talking about Cain, besides its in the bible.

  3. I’m sure what Barbara was thinking was along these lines: The most significant thing the DOD chief had to do this year, when it comes to thinking on one’s feet and adapting (old wars running themselves to a large extent) must have bee Libya. And Herman Cain on Libya … well, you’all saw that clip!

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