Deadly Cairo

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Things aren’t over in Egypt, by a long shot.

A summary from the Daily Beast:

Clashes between police and protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square continued into a second day on Saturday, with 10 left dead over the two days and hundreds injured. Most of the casualties came late Friday or early Saturday as chaos reigned in the Square, only days after the first free election in recent memory for Egypt. Reuters and Al Jazeera reported that police chased retreating protesters—and local television showed one soldier pulling down protesters’ tents and setting them on fire. An Army official said the troops targeted thugs, not protesters, after shots were fired at soldiers and bombs destroyed a nearby archive building that was more than 200 years old. Health Minister Fouad el-Nawawy told Egyptian television that 10 people had been killed, and 441 injured, while state media reported 200 people had been taken to the hospital.

And this video which is rather disturbing. If you happen to know written Arabic, please feel free to summarize what the text says in the comments:

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