Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch Quits, Then Crashes?

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Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, Republican, suddenly quit her post yesterday, and today accusations of an improper liaison between her and a Senate staffer have surfaced. This is interesting for several reasons.

For one, we may (or may not) be about to see the unraveling of the Republican hold on Minnesota politics over the next several months and into the next election. This can’t help the Republicans even though it is seemingly unrelated to their awful policies. The other reason is that it is usually Dood politicians that get snagged in this sort of situation, and in this case, it is not.

Details are still unclear.

Interim Senate Majority Leader Geoff Michel declined to provide details but said staffers came to senators within the past several weeks with allegations. When Senate leaders approached Koch late Wednesday, she neither admitted nor denied the allegations but mentioned resigning, Michel said.

Michel said nothing had been resolved before Koch’s sudden resignation Thursday.

That was from the strib. See also this piece in MinnPost

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9 thoughts on “Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch Quits, Then Crashes?

  1. “Greg Laden is an anthropologist and science communicator who can never decide which is more important: nuance or context.”

    Is the distinction between a page, which would probably be a minor, and a staffer, who would not be, too nuanced for you?

  2. Nice to see the women politicians finally getting some action. Still just as questionable as when a man has a sexual relationship with a direct subordinate, but somehow I see a sad sort of blow for equality.

    You go, girl…Uh, no you probably shouldn’t have.

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