Mayor Janice Daniels, Troy Michigan…

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Posted this on her facebook page:

And this is a direct response to the mayor from a Lesbian mom and her family.

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3 thoughts on “Mayor Janice Daniels, Troy Michigan…

  1. Troy, MI is the town of loving Christians who threw a hissy fit and took their ball and went home when a Hindu prayed at the National Day of Prayer that is supposedly interfaith. No suprise they are led by a hater.

    Of course, they will probably scream “child abuse” that this woman is “using” her children, and ignore the hateful comments by her and the other Christians in that town towards gay people and those of other faiths.

  2. Janice Daniels is a TeaBagger. Whaddya expect from them except ignorance and bigotry ? She has reportedly apologized for her choice of words (she’s quoted as saying it “may not have been the most appropriate language”), and not for her sentiment behind her choice of words … she has reiterated that she believes marriage should be restricted to “one man and one woman”.

  3. Daniels had a chance to repudiate her bigotry but she would lose teabagger voter support if she did. I suspect it would also be a lie. It seems clear that she was hateful and ignorant enough to write what she did as a true reflection of what is in her dead, cold heart.

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