Top GOP Strategist: “Occupy Matters”

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The Republican Governor’s Association met in Florida this week and featured pollster Frank Luntz, who … told attendees that he’s “scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to death.” The pollster warned that the movement is “having an impact on what the American people think of capitalism.”

Apparently, there are some interesting changes going on in the current culture of politics. According to Luntz, people still prefer “capitalism” to “socialism” (we all know the average American has no clue what either one is, so when we say “capitalism” and “socialism” we speak not of the systems but the words themselve… but I digress). But, he says, people know that capitalism is immoral. That’s an improvement! He suggests to his Republican mentees that they avoid the word “capitalism.”

He suggests saying the phrase “I get it” a lot.

He suggests that Republicans avoid talking about bonuses or other perks the 1% get. Don’t mention “Middle Class” because today’s voters no believe that the Republicans can defend it. And then this bit that I’m still trying to wrap my head around:

Don’t Talk About Taxing The Rich: Luntz reminded Republicans that Americans actually do want to tax the rich, so he reccommended they instead say that the government “takes from the rich.”

Read the whole story here.

Hat Tip: Sharon Johnson Miller

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3 thoughts on “Top GOP Strategist: “Occupy Matters”

  1. This is the surest sign we are winning. And as the projections in new York said “This is the beginning of the beginning”.

    But oh my, it is difficult. Tonight’s Houston GA passed a resolution that we should have a small march with signs after every GA. I was all for it, but when GA ended, I couldn’t get that many people to participate. In fact, the woman who proposed the nightly post-GA march didn’t march. So it was just three of us, including a troublemaker who had been quite disruptive by misusing the block vote. This vote is signaled by crossed forearms. The block vote is to be used only when an assembly member has so strong a moral objection to a proposal that the assembly member would leave and denounce Occupy if the proposal passed. But this dude didn’t want to block, he just wanted to cause trouble.

    So we three brave souls marched with signs, I wanted to go to the bars near Rice Lofts or perhaps Franklin street. Troublemaker had other ideas, we were going to walk to 4th Ward. So we did, and we waved signs at passing cars. Many honks of support. Then we went to a gay bar in 4th Ward. Then troublemaker discovered his wallet was in his jacket back at Tranquility Park. Z from Galveston and I stayed at the bar for a couple of drinks while trouble went back to the park. Z and I left and headed back to Tranquility, We met trouble just a block away from the bar. Trouble wanted to show us the Occupy House in 4th Ward. So we turned around and went there. The Occupy House is a 1920’s duplex with gas and water, but no electricity. They have a limited solar power station there. They almost didn’t let us in, but they did and we hung out and there were no problems. BTW, a homeless person in Tranquility stole trouble’s wallet during GA.

    We walked back to Tranquility. I gave Trouble a ride to the University of Houston. He was recently evicted from his apartment and lives either in the park or in the UH Library. I bought him some Whataburger on the way there.

    Occupying is hard work.

    But on a positive note. The first ever live lethal gunfire at an Occupy event happened last week. A person came to Tranq to do suicide by cop. He lived. This was not used as an excuse to crack down on us. Please note that Twohig had fired several shot shots before this video starts.

    Occupy Houston has a Newspaper that comes out every two weeks.

    And we mic checked Eric Cantor and got it on CSPAN

  2. so he reccommended they instead say that the government “takes from the rich.”

    That slogan sure didn’t hurt Robin Hood’s popularity, though. But then, the GOP seem to model themselves closer on Dennis Moore, these days…

  3. The individuals backing Newt are basically of 3 categories. First: Those who are too youthful to remember what a practice wreck he truly is. Second: Those who are unaware of what a train wreck he is simply because they’ve Never paid focus to background by itself, and third: Those who merely choose to become ignorant.

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