Mitt Romney for Senate!

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Below the fold because it’s big:

Hat Tip: Rachel Maddow

He lost. How he lost is funny (and a story I think I’ve told before).

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3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney for Senate!

  1. Link? To an event in 1994? I don’t think that is possible. Anyway, it was a personal observation, not something I read somewhere. But I’ll tell you.

    Romney came on strong, with a well funded campaign (funded by himself) that was fairly well organized, and as usually happened when someone ran against Ted, he gained poll numbers quickly, but even more quickly and strongly than usual.

    He was actually starting to show better in polls than Ted, about midway through the campaign, but Kennedy had not started campaigning yet at all.

    Then he did.

    And his first campaign ad was a full pager in the Commonwealth’s most widely read papers. It was a picture of Ted Kennedy sitting there with a phone up to his ear. The text was simple, and read something like “When Ted Kennedy makes a call, he gets through and people do what he needs them to do” or words to that effect. This was, by the way, after the Boston area was well into planning and early work on the Central Artery, a much needed road project that also happened to be the most costly public works project that ever happened anywhere in history on The Earth, funded mainly with federal dollars, benefiting Massachusetts, and the general reception (and truth) is that Kennedy made that possible. Generally, Massachusans are smarter than the average bear when it comes to politics … they would never do what the people in Foley’s district did the year Gingrich took power (they voted for the Republican, assuming that whoever came from their district would be Speaker, and thus loss representation by one of the most powerful people ever). Massachusans knew that having one of the most powerful senators ever was good for them as long as he basically represented their views, which Ted very much did. The iconic imagery of Ted Kennedy on the phone, getting stuff done, was too powerful to resist.

    The polls switched back to favor Kennedy so fast you could hear them snap.

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