Maddow on NRA, Obama and Fox

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OMG, this is so funny:

On Friday’s edition of her MSNBC program Rachel Maddow highlighted a variety of right-wing extremist activities on gun related issues, including National Rifle Association (NRA) executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre’s increasingly infamous suggestion that because President Obama hasn’t pursued gun control he must be secretly plotting to “erase the Second Amendment.”

It gets better:

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Fools! Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!! He’s prolly right! I understand Obama has a special eraser just for old parchment!!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Maddow on NRA, Obama and Fox

  1. Well he erased the 5th amendment. Remember that whole “don’t kill someone without due process” thing? If you’re dead the rest of the bill of rights seems moot.

    Maddow didn’t seem to object too much to that one.

  2. A documentary about the criminal imprisonment of people (not “Japanese-Americans”, but people) during World War II reported something similar. A US politician or general said at the time, “The fact that Japanese-Americans haven’t attacked us yet proves that they’re up to something.”

    It was as stupid an attitude then as it is now. Obama is spineless when it comes to stopping guns from getting into criminal hands.

    By the way, stopping guns from getting into criminal hands is not “gun control”, it is crime prevention. Those who want unregulated guns want crime and murder to happen.


  3. Maddow didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt seem to object too much to that one.

    Well, except for the 15-minute segment she did on the assassination of Al-Zawahiri, and whether or not it opened up the door to assassination of domestic terrorists. But hey, cool story, bro.

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