SCOTUS: Execute Troy Davis

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Troy Davis will be executed. The supreme court denies his appeal, unanimously.

I wonder what the consequences of this whole maneno will be?

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7 thoughts on “SCOTUS: Execute Troy Davis

  1. Unfortunate. I can somewhat understand – the Death Penalty has been ruled constitutional a score of times, and that’s really all the Supreme Court can rule on – but given Davis’ conviction seems to be rather tenuous at best, I wish they had something they could do.

  2. Jason, I did not hear that they considered the case or issued an opinion, but I’ll be checking on that this morning. I only heard that they rejected a stay (according to CNN). There would only be dissenting opinions if there was an opinion.

    Sundog, I think they could rule on this a number of ways, not just the death penalty related question. Due process, etc. But, again, they didn’t rule, I think. (I await Nina Totenberg or someone to explain this all in the morning.)

  3. So I am told there was no physical evidence supporting Davis’ guilt. What happens in the event that physical evidence comes out indicating that someone else – someone they identify – murdered the unfortunate police officer?

    It’s not like something like this hasn’t happened before. Canada alone has had something like a half-dozen convicted murderers declared innocent in the past 20 years. All were convicted on what turns out to be remarkably similar evidence to what Mr. Davis was convicted with.

    Does Georgia dig up Mr. Davis and give him his life back?

  4. There was a vote in the court, but we don’t know the numbers. In these situations, apparently, that’s how it’s done. Justices can choose to make dissenting statements (technically not “opinions”), none did in this case, but that doesn’t mean that it was unanimous.

    At least that’s what the MSNBC people told me.

    lordshipmayhem: No, but they’ll be happy to execute the new suspect, too.

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