Troy Davis’s Execution

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RUMOR: “Word is the Supreme Court gave a 7 day reprieve for the execution.” (twitter)

… Is delayed for no known reason. There are rumors of a stay, there are rumors of the Supreme Court being involved.

Stronger rumorsAmnesty International reports that there was a reprieve delay.

UPDATE: The US Supreme Court is apparently considering the case. The execution is thus delayed. This is not a stay or anything along those lines. They are simply waiting to see.

RUMOR: Troy Davis was removed from the Gurney. That sounds close, but actually it is said he was removed from the gurney 90 min. before the injection. Which means ….. you lay there for a couple of hours first????? Holy crap.

And yes, I’m getting rather annoyed at all the people on twitter who are insisting that everyone else pray, and who will no doubt soon give credit to those prayers for the stay.

Atheists are much more against the death penalty than the praying types. Maybe instead of praying they should have noticed that they live in a barbaric society.

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2 thoughts on “Troy Davis’s Execution

  1. I really hope this is true and not false hope. It would be awful if the execution was delayed just for it to happen a couple of hours (or days) later. This man needs a re-trial.

  2. Oh, that makes me have a pain in my chest just thinking about what he has already gone through. One of the reasons I hate the death penalty is knowing what it does to everybody ELSE, in addition to the one who is killed. It brutalizes all of us, it inures us all just a little more to violence. Not even to mention those who are overtaken with blood lust and get the opportunity to indulge the feeling.

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