A true ghost story: The Slide Show

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The McGregor Museum is a complex building with several wings surrounding an inner court yard, a multi-layered roof, balconies everywhere, and numerous trees in the court yard close in to the building. So, a cat can spend the heat of the day in the shaded crown of a tree, and the cool of the evening up on the building’s sun-warmed metal roof.



The interior of the McGregor museum houses numerious exhibits. The old period rooms and hallways focus on the late 19th century, and other newer areas (not shown) have an excellent set of exhibits on archaeology, human evolution, and “San” rock art.



Defending Kimberly.



The dude in the kilt.



The Gatling Gun. (A Gatling gun is an old fashioned machine gun.)



A visitor to the museum checking for ghosts.



Doing fieldwork in a game park.



Possible “San” burial … which turned out to have no physical remains.



Although no artifacts of note or bones were found in the burial, there were plenty of these. The scorpions were in a state of torpor, as it was winter.

The End

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  1. Ugh, all that red dirt reminds me of a family trip to W.Virginia we took when I was little. When driving through a state or country with bright red dirt, do not put your children in white shirts (and expect them to stay clean.)

  2. By the way, I notice there is no scale in that picture. These are like four or five inches long. Really big. And that thing where big ones are less poisenous than small ones? That applies in the American South West. The African ones are different.

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