A True Ghost Story Part 3: Who is that kilted man with the big gun?

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… continued …

Well, we were living with this ghost who would walk up and down the hall in the middle of the night, invisibly leaving behind only the sound of its footsteps. But before I tell you how this all came out, I want to tell you a related side story.

As I had mentioned, I had the “hallway extension” room. Let me explain.

To get into the apartment, you would walk up a set of stairs and through a lockable doorway. Then to the right was a bedroom, and to the left a bathroom. Moving on ahead were two more bedrooms on the right for a total of three. On the left side past the bathroom was a kitchen. Then, at the end of the hall, the hallway took a left and went up a step, and continued on for a while until it met a door that was always locked and that we were told that we should not attempt to open.

That l-shaped part of the hallway — the hallway extension — was fairly wide, and a second door had been fitted at the beginning of it, where the step went up, so it formed a long narrow bedroom with a small twin bed on one side and no other furniture.

That was my room.

The first night I stayed there, I was sitting in my room messing with my luggage or something when the light went out. I assumed the bulb had blown. I looked around for a new bulb but did not find one. So that night, after we went out to dinner and came back, I simply kept the door ajar to let in some light from the hallway while I set up the bed and prepared for my evening retirement.

The next day I forgot about the lights, and nothing interesting happened, but the morning after that, we were staying in the apartment later than usual and while I was sitting there getting stuff ready to go out, the light mysteriously turned on. Right after the light turned on, I heard footsteps on the other side of the door that was not to be opened. I went over and looked through the keyhole and through the keyhole I could vaguely see the form of a 19th century looking chap in a uniform of the style that would have been worn by a Royal Scots Dragoon Guard, kilt and all.

“I’ll have to check this out in more detail” I thought, as an explanation for the strange behavior of my bedroom light started to form in my mind.

Indeed, later that night, after a day in the field doing archaeology, I went to my room intentionally at a certain time, and turned on the light and waited. Soon enough, I heard footsteps on the other side of the door that was not to be opened, and in a moment, the light went off. And away walked the footsteps.

The next day, after getting back from the field a bit early, I went round to the entrance of the McGregor Museum’s public galleries, talked my way past the ticket taker, and hopped up the stairs along one of the old Infirmary’s wings. At the top of the stairs was an open door into a larger room, and in the room were glass cases of manikins of men in various uniforms that dated to the time of The Siege. Near the back of the room was a gatling gun, and behind the gun, a locked door. Next to the door was a light switch.

I walked over to the light switch and turned it off. The lights in the museum room went off. I got on my hand and knees and looked through the old keyhole of the door, and could see nothing. But I reached up to the light switch and flipped it on, and suddenly through the keyhole I could see my room, with my bed, and all my junk on the bed. “Hmm,” I muttered,”Really should keep that neater since I’m kinda on public display here.”

As I stood to leave, I turned to the people who had been looking at the kilted manikin and said “You know, this place is really haunted!”

“I know!” each of them said, eyes wide, in unison with each other.

So, getting back to the original ghost story… Oh, wait, look at the time. It is getting late, not really any time to discuss this now. Hey, come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how I captured the Ghost of the Old Scary Infirmary…..

…. continued ….

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13 thoughts on “A True Ghost Story Part 3: Who is that kilted man with the big gun?

  1. okay, at some point this becomes a cheap trick to get more ad views. Probably when you start using ghost stories and the entries are really short.

    Actually I’m just having a little tantrum here, and you so know it, don’t you.

  2. You’re all missing the point here. The point is…

    …did the “ghost” in the kilt have nice legs?

  3. Hmm. Actually, I just assumed nice legs because Greg didn’t say that the kilted man wore his kilt wrong. I tend to find that guys who go to the trouble of knowing where a kilt rides and how long it should be also have nice legs, although I don’t know why that should be the case. Still, in a not inconsiderable sample of kilt wearers (my husband owns three, and we have friends who own more), it seems to be true.

  4. I had a neighbor with an infrared switch that would turn on and off his driveway light. I had an infrared switch that would turn on and off a light in my back yard. For the longest time I could not figure out why my back yard light was always turning on and off without me wanting it to, but since I hardly ever used the infrared switch he was not experience the same (ghostly) experience that I was.

    My son had figured it out weeks before I did because he could see both the neighbor coming home (via the headlights) and our back yard light coming on at the same time from his room.

  5. … continued from comment 8 …

    that some are real jerks. But what’s really interesting is that…..

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