Republicans: ” If only we could have kept the Democrats away, Colmeman would be Senator.”

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Well, that’s not exactly what they are saying, but it is what they are doing. Or at least trying to do.

To stamp out voter fraud, GOP legislators have offered a proposal that would make Minnesota’s voter-ID laws the most restrictive in the country. But according to their own party, no actual cases of voter fraud have been reported here. Still Reps. Tom Emmer, R-Delano, and Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Big Lake, have sponsored a bill requiring photo identification for every voter.

Read it at the MN Indy.

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0 thoughts on “Republicans: ” If only we could have kept the Democrats away, Colmeman would be Senator.”

  1. A similar thing happened in Georgia. There was absolutely no evidence of fraud at the polls, but the republican legislature and governor passed a law requiring photo ID to vote. It was clearly intended to reduce voter participation, but the courts upheld it.

  2. Republicans just can’t say what they mean. They speak in code. Voter suppression becomes voter fraud. How lucky is MN that Mary Kiffmeyer was not presiding over the Franken/Coleman recount.

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