Big Bullies in the Publishing World

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… are not confined to any one area of interest. Check out this post on How Not to Manage Your Image at Almost Diamonds. It is all about this picture:


Well, it’s not really all about that picture, but that picture might be what draws the corporate lawyers to my site to force me to take it down. But I’m not going to mention the name Arcade of the Nickle Divided by Five or the name Country of Mom and Apple Pie How To Say Hello other than cryptically. Like I just did. And I’ve changed the name of the file this photograph exists as to be difficult to trace. The only way Big Brother can find this picture is if Big Brother already reads my blog, which is unlikely, or they know how to use Google and can find the link back to Almost Diamonds.

I’ll let you know how that goes. If I’m asked to take the picture down, I’ll do it right away. This is not my fight. But something better will go in its place.

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