Global Warming. Julia has the Last Word

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“The 2nd of February in Paris will be remembered as the day that the question mark was removed from the idea that humans had anything to do with climate change,” says Achim Steiner, quoted here.

It is not really true. Groups of scientists have been saying this for quite some time. I wonder what George Bush will say next?

But even before this scientific panel’s report was finished, last night (I’ll post a picture later), my daughter, Julia presented her “Achievement Fair” ( = science fair) project on Global Warming and it’s effects in the polar region, entitled “Global Warming … breaking the ice.”

To my knowledge it was the first Achievement Fair entry at her school that explicitly called for the impeachment of the President of the United States … under the list of “Things to do” (along with other items such as use compact fluorescent bulbs, car pool, etc.).

Her entry was selected as the one (out of about two hundred) to put on permanent display (through the end of the school year) in the Big Display Case in the Main Hallway. Well, Permanent until the school administrators read it all the way through and notice this bit about impeachment.

It was a melancholy achievement fair. This is because it was the last one, since Julia will be graduating at the end of the year (or at least, graduation is expected). This is sad because we always start talking about what to do the next year’s project on even as we are taking down the current project’s display.

Ah, but we did come up with a solution to this problem. Just around the corner from Julia’s elementary school is the famous Har Mar Shopping Mall, where there is an annual Home Schoolers Creationist Science Fair. Remember this being discussed a few weeks ago? (I so regret not making it there this year).

The web site for the creationist fair had a list of suggested projects, and Julia had read through them. One of the projects was to answer the question:

What is God Made Of?

Well, it suddenly occurred to Julia, as we were dragging her project down the hall to give it over to the school administrators for immortalizing in the Great Hall Display Case, that she would like to do THAT exact project … ask “what is god made of” in the Creationist Science Fair next year.

Julia figured she’d have an advantage over the other kids, since she is a Pastafarian (worshiper of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). The working title for the project:

“My god’s made of pasta, what’s your god made of?”

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