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Senate Health Care: John McCain is busy

John McCain has a good heath care plan, and if has his way, you won’t.

The Senator most often accredited for thinking for himself (that’s a lie) will vote with Russian agent Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans to take away Obama care. The moment he gets a chance.

However, he can’t right now because he is indisposed, recovering form surgery.

We at Greg Laden’s Blog wish Senator McCain a speedy recovery and hope he is well. But we also urge him to think about his privilege and not take access to the sort of health care he has from other Americans.

Speaking of the Russians, The Looking Glass War, the fourth George Smiley novel by John le Carré, in Kindle form, is currently and temporarily two bucks. Just thought you might like to add that to your collection.

Romney on Health Care

First, if you don’t have health insurance, that’s OK. Just wait until you are catastrophically ill and then they’ll pick you up in an ambulance and bring you to an emergency room. He does not discuss what happens later when they come to collect the payments. Also, according to Romney, an Obamacare like plan was a great way to manage health insurance for Massachusetts at the time he was governor, but this does not apply to other people.

SCOTUS seems poised to destroy Obamacare

One of the most important features of the new Health Care Insurance reform is that everyone has to be on board. Normally, as in a normal country with a normal government and stuff, taxes would be raised in some fair manner and this would pay for health care. In our screwed up country, that can’t happen because it violates the Don’t Tax Me Bro religious belief of 50.01 percent of the country. Apparently. Therefore, the mandated insurance rule that requires everyone has insurance was introduced to make it possible to have a national health care plan that kinda works. However, since the US Government, capable of putting people into concentration camps large and small, capable of massive spying on its own citizens, capable of running down our own economy to fund wars of occupation in foreign lands, can’t, according to the US Supreme Court, tell people that they have to buy health insurance instead of just getting sick enough that society is forced to take care of them for free (but at a higher cost to us).

Fine. Let it be that way, but maybe we have to make some other rules as well. Like, federal funds can be withheld from any state that funds hospitals that treat people without insurance. That would force states to fix this problem on their own. Or not. If not, we get a nice addition to the Third World effect, and the difference between the haves and have nots would grow and become more regional. Then, at least, we get to have a civil war instead of one of those pesky foreign wars! Continue reading SCOTUS seems poised to destroy Obamacare

Michele Bachmann on Health Care

“We will always have people in this country, through hardship, through no fault of their own, who won’t be able to afford health care. That’s just the way it is.”

Here’s the video:

Bachmann’s solution for health care: Get in a time machine and go back to when medicine was cheap.

See Bachmann on the spot in Iowa. As pointed out by Avidor, this could be why Bachmann hasn’t held more tan one town hall meeting in her own district.

Five Dollars. Indeed. Have a sandwich, Michele: