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Dear Republicans: What is taking you so long?

I know the answer to that question. You are bad people, every one of you. You are morally, ethnically, and intellectually incapable of doing the right thing. Every single one of you who considers yourselves still a Republican is not worthy to breathe the same air our children are being poisoned by as we speak.

Everyone who formerly thought of themselves as Republicans, any time over the last two or three decades as this situation built up, even if you reject the party now, share some of the blame and if you do not feel shame, you are bad, bad people. Sorry, no forgiveness here. You have systematically worked to ruin the future for our children and grandchildren, for your own selfish reasons, and we have Trump today because of the decisions you consciously made.

So, yeah, fuck you and don’t expect even a modicum of good will from me.

But if you don’t like me being mean to you, maybe see what Barack Obama has to say. Here, he owns you, cucks.