11 thoughts on “Surrogate in Chief for the Dictator Inspects A Concentration Camp

  1. From my limited experience, surrounded as I am by Trump-lovers, I don’t think whatever is found in these camps will even show up on their radar screens. And if by chance it does, it will be dismissed as the fault of the people entering illegally.

    I’m surprised the GOP hasn’t begun proceedings to take down that big green antique in NYC’s harbor. They seem to have no sympathy with any “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Their ancestors got in and that’s all that matters. Maybe Trump would open the door to German neo-Nazis given his kind words for our home-grown variety.

    1. I disagree. It is already on their radar screens, and they are not blaming anyone. They think putting aliens in concentration camps is legal and the right thing to do!

    1. Of course they are – it’s what they do whenever something they’ve done outrages the masses and their base eats it up.

  2. ““Andre told me about once seeing a detainee fighting with a rat over his food,”

    “While these immigrants migrate to the United States to escape harsh living conditions, once they cross the U.S. border without authorization and proper documentation, the federal government apprehends and detains these individuals in conditions that are similar, if not worse, than the conditions they faced from their home countries”


    Remind me again. Who was president in 2015?

    1. Locus, you and your racist pals did that and far worse from the moment his campaign started. Of course, your complaints were lies based on his face, not fact based. (Cue locus being all butt hurt about being identified as the racist scum he is.)

  3. I disagree. It is already on their radar screens, and they are not blaming anyone. They think putting aliens in concentration camps is legal and the right thing to do!

    True; dishonesty, racism, white supremacy, and tolerance of nazis have all been legitimized by the modern right. It’s Reagan’s dream come true.

    Think about the group of scum that gathered for the “social media summit”, based on the widely dispersed lie that FB, twitter, and others are “biased against the right”, or trump’s comment that the first amendment doesn’t apply to modern media (because, it seems, they don’t write good things about him): what would the hypocrites who back him have made of that comment had Obama made the comment? They were so hateful of him because of his race that they made up complaints to smear him: if he’d said that it would have been a real shit show. Then there was Limbaugh repeating the successful recent lie that there had been a citizenship question on every census until Obama took office and got rid of it.

    I’d wonder how stupid people have to be to believe this stuff, but so many people do (reference local trolls still arguing that Russia didn’t interfere with the 2016 election despite the intelligence agencies showing they did) that it becomes depressing to think about. The current right wing folks are well on their way to screwing this country royally.

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