Who will be the Democratic Nominee, who will be the POTUS?

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We often hear of bookmaker odds for elections. Sometimes they are right no, sometimes they are not. Here is a press release from BookMaker showing the current betting status.

San Jose, Costa Rica–March 15,2019–Online sportsbook BookMaker.eu has released updated odds to win the Democratic Nomination with Joe Biden as the 11/4 favorite over a crowded field.

 "There was a surge of Beto O'Rourke money this week after he officially entered the fray" said Bookmaker's Head Political Linesman, Angus Dagless. "However we are not convinced he will be the victorious at the Democratic Convention in Milwaukee. In fact, we have him behind both Joe Biden (11/4) and Bernie Sanders (19/5), and Kamala Harris (92/2) right on his heels." Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren are currently at 18/1 to win the nomination, while Bill De Blasio remains the longest shot at 66/1.  The Democrats remain a moderate favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election, however the odds have shortened in the past 10 days.

Odds to win the Democratic Nomination for the U.S. Presidential Election 2020

Joe Biden 11/4 (+275)

Bernie Sanders 19/5 (+380)

Beto O’Rourke 4/1 (+400)

Kamala Harris 9/2 +450

Andrew Yang 18/1 (+1800)

Elizabeth Warren 18/1 (+1800)

Amy Klobuchar 20/1 (+2000)

Cory Booker 24/1 (+2400)

Tulsi Gabbard 30/1 (+3000)

Julian Castro 40/1 (+4000)

Kirsten Gillibrand 40/1 (+4000)

Pete Buttigieg 40/1 (+4000)

Jay Inslee 55/1 (+5500)

Bill De Blasio 66/1 (+6600)

Which party will win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election?

Democrats 2/3 (-150)

Republicans 6/5 (+120)

Other 45/1 (+4500)

Who will be the next U.S. President Elected?

Donald Trump 6/5 (+120)

Joe Biden 19/5 (+380)

Bernie Sanders 5/1 (+500)

Beto O’Rourke 7/1 (+700)

Kamala Harris 43/5 (+860

Elizabeth Warren 42/1 (+4200)

Amy Klobuchar 45/1 (+4500)

Mike Pence 65/1 (+6500)

Cory Booker 60/1 (+6000)

Tulsi Gabbard 90/1 (+9000)

John Kasich 100/1 (+10000)

Howard Schultz 200/1 (+20000)

How to Read Betting Odds?

The above odds are displayed in “Fractional” and “American Odds” format and are based on a
$1.00 risk amount. If you require your odds displayed in decimal format,
please reply to this email for converted odds. A “minus” (-) preceding the
number indicates the person/team is a favorite. A “plus” (+) preceding the
number indicates the person/team is an underdog.

For example, if a candidate’s odds are listed as +188, it indicates that a
$10 bet would win $18.80 for a total return of $28.80 ($28.80 = your
original stake of $10 plus your winnings of $18.80). For another example,
if the Democrats odds are -200, then a $10 bet on those odds would win $5
for a total return of $15 ($15 = your original stake of $10 plus your
winnings of $5).

Based on probabilities, betting on favorites pays winners less, and
betting on underdogs pays winners more. For answers to your questions on
how betting markets work and how to read betting lines, please contact

Twitter: @bookmaker_eu

Since 1985, BookMaker.eu has earned its reputation as “Where The Line
Originates” among professional and recreations sports bettors by always
paying and never kicking out winners. Widely-recognized by oddsmakers
worldwide as the principle market mover in North American betting markets,
BookMaker.eu is the industry authority and a leading media source for
betting information on sports, entertainment, and political betting

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