Key Moments in the Cohen Testimony to the House Oversight Committee

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… with a special focus on some of the moments not otherwise noted in the press.








8:One of the best exchanges. For context this is after some Republican yammered on and on for a while repeating their message that the Congress has better things to do than to preserve Democracy and stuff:


10: Among the best moments. This is @AOC’s coup de grace:


12: This is the moment when we get to see the angry and offended white men scolding the black women. For context, before you throw Cummings under the bus, it is in fact against the rules for a member of Congress to say anything about another member of Congress while in session or a hearing.

13: The big largely ignored finish, in which Congressman Cummings pawns them all. Starts off slow, turns into one of the Great Speeches. Not a dry eye in the House. As it were.

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9 thoughts on “Key Moments in the Cohen Testimony to the House Oversight Committee

  1. “This is the moment when we get to see the angry and offended white men scolding the black women. ”

    That came, as we know after that racist white guy used an African American woman as a prop, telling her when to stand and sit. The same guy found on video during the 2012 presidential election repeatedly saying the Obamas needed to be sent back to their home in Kenya or wherever it worse, Chicago.

    I was stunned to see tea bagger after tea bagger simply repeating all of the lies we know Cohen’s told. None of the clowns on the right took any time to ask a relevant question.

    Then there was the guy who flat out lied about what the foreign disclosure form was about when he accused Cohen of lying when he filled it out.

    1. Yes, indeed.

      I am tempted to make a second set of clips showing the best moments of the Dark Side, but I snow to shovel and other important things.

  2. As Shields pointed out on the News Hour, the Repubs didn’t even try to defend Trump, it was all about attacking the messenger.

    Bottom line, they’ve got sh*t and apparently sh*t is just awesome in the eyes of the base and fellow travelers. Dark, disorganized thuggery and amateur theatrics from the billionaires’ favorite punk toadies; They need to topple hard, IMO, the lot of them.

    Bernard J.,
    No page for the link?

  3. @dean #1:

    Yeah, that had my blood boiling too. None of the Republicans were interested in doing anything else but trying to discredit Cohen. They say afterwards it was all a waste of time, when it was they who had *33 effing hearings* concerning the nothingburger that was Benghazi, even admitting off the record that it was all done to trash Hilary’s popularity with the American people.

    They have absolutely no shame, bloody hypocrites the lot of them. It’s 100% about money and maintaining power. Even their tax cut that they’re so proud of only benefits the rich. If the Democrats can’t take back the Senate in 2020 after all this plays out (and there’s a lot more to come from Mueller and the SDNY), there’s something more wrong with America than gerrymandering, and it will be really hard to fix. It truly has become a country divided.

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