4 thoughts on “How the current attack on the Democratic Party candidates works

  1. Did you see the right wingers jump on our new governor (here in MI) for what she wore when she gave the State of the State address?

  2. Why should we expect — if anyone here did — that foreigners (for pay or personal agenda) would give up a proven easy and previously successful way to influence American elections using ga-ga Americans’ infatuation with social media?

  3. As usual, the Republican attacks will involve trivialities like a candidate’s attire and formerly meaningful Cold War labels (Socialism!).

    Also logical absurdities — like this from Newsmax host Brett Winterble, who claims that the Green New Deal would kill every cow in the world. How, he thunders, can we countenance this anti-Hindu measure?


  4. “Unholy alliance” suggests Dems may be a big target, but not the only target. A larger goal for some may be keeping the country as a whole off balance or increasing mistrust in democracy. Various actors don’t have to know each other or coordinate purposefully as they work to amplify select aspects of what we used to think of as a marketplace of ideas.

    Going viral these days may simply mean your post/tweet/meme became the useful idiot for someone’s active measures.

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