House Democrats Respond To End Of Trump-Russia Scandal Investigation

House Democrats have just released a memo outlining what they see left on the table with the withdraw of the Republican run House Intelligence Committee from, well, doing their job.

You should be able to get the PDF at this link.

The document lists things and people that should be obtained or interrogated, including over 30 potential witnesses. Some 15 of those witnesses would need to be compelled to appear, it is estimated.

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4 thoughts on “House Democrats Respond To End Of Trump-Russia Scandal Investigation

  1. Starts off strong and I agree with it. Then going thru the appendices, almost all of it is either irrelevant or a fishing expedition. They should be interviewing the Russian if they can get her back in the country, and a few others like Crowdstrike, Millian, Nunberg. A separate inquiry about Flynn and Turkey is needed, but not really relevant to Russia Trump collusion.

    Schiff has been dishonest from the beginning. When Nunes memo came out, he, Staliwell, and others were all over the media saying it was wrong on key details, particularly McCabe’s testimony that without dossier the warrant doesn’t get granted. When they put out a countermemo, there was no mention of McCabe.

  2. Obviously, Putin ordered Trump to order Tillerson to pretend to be harsh on Russia so that Putin could order Trump to fire him to divert attention from how he hadn’t been harsh on Russia and then appoint Putin’s real puppet Pompeo, or something.

  3. Nunes is looking pretty silly today, with the announcement by Treasury of sanctions against 19 Russians, including all 13 indicted by Mueller for doing exactly what Nunes claims wasn’t done – meddling in the election to help Trump.

    1. All of the “there was nothing to this” people should realize how stupid they look. They won’t, of course, but they should.

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