And why not? Minnesota tends to lead when it comes to finding ways for government to do good.

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto is running for Governor in Minnesota, and moments ago she announced the details of her much anticipated “Healthy Minnesota Plan.”

Here’s the link for the details.

Obamacare was good, better than what was there before, but it came out of the gate as a compromise between the usual opposing forces in Washington. Many of you not in Minnesota may not know this, but one of the sticking points with Obamacare was how to make it NOT be a downgrade in certain areas for smart and compassionate states like Minnesota.

With Obamacare being actively destroyed in situ by the Trump administration, and actively hunted by Paul “Elmer the Fud” Ryan and his gang, we can’t expect this good program to become a great program any time soon. Minnesota must and will act in the interests of its own citizens, one way or another. Hopefully, this will be done by electing Otto and developing the Healthy Minnesota Plan.

Here are the bullet points, adapted from Rebecca Otto’s web site:

1: Covers every Minnesotan. Everyone will be covered regardless of preexisting conditions, employment status, age, or any other factor. You will be covered. Period.

2: Protects the relationship between you and your care provider. Minnesota has been so far ahead in innovation in part because we’ve tried to honor the patient-provider relationship without disruption from third-party payers – but we can do more.

3: Eliminates insurance premiums and deductibles. The Healthy Minnesota Plan funds health care fairly – half from redirected public dollars, and half from a package of fair and progressive taxes to be developed with bipartisan input, eliminating costly insurance premiums and deductibles, saving Minnesotans money overall.

4: Controls health care costs. The Healthy Minnesota Plan controls health care costs by attacking the cost drivers:

  • It vastly reduces administrative costs at all levels.
  • It incentivizes providers to become partners in keeping you healthy
  • .

  • It turns the current complex and wasteful payment system on its head.
  • It significantly reduces duplicative services; inefficiently delivered services; missed prevention opportunities; and fraud.
  • It eliminates burdensome eligibility testing for government health programs, saving taxpayers money.
  • It standardizes how we pay for health care. Much of health care is already being paid through large single payers like the Military, the VA, Medicaid and Medicare. Standardizing the financing even more will be a win-win-win for individuals, their health care providers, and employers by reducing waste and confusion.
  • It makes pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical benefit managers more accountable if and when they attempt to raise the costs of drugs.
  • It improves the environmental, social, dietary, and structural factors that can keep you healthier longer.
  • This is Universal, Single-Payer health insurance with clearly defined and effective cost savings and quality enhancing features. This is a good plan. Read all the details here.

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