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Skeptically Speaking: War on Science

The latest Skeptically Speaking is “War on Science”

This week we’re looking at threats to science and critical thinking, and how you can sort fact from fiction. York University science librarian John Dupuis joins us to discuss what he calls the Canadian government’s War on Science. And Chris MacDonald director of the Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Program at Ryerson University, joins us to talk about his textbook The Power of Critical Thinking, which can help you navigate the hyperbole and misinformation that happens when the media looks at science news.

Listen here.

And, I just finished recording a segment that is going to go along with an interview Desiree did with the interesting author of an interesting book. Stay tuned!

Man fishing for bluegills catches shark by hand instead

This is funny:

Just so you know, he was not fishing for “bluegills” This is a bluegill:

A nice bluegill
A nice bluegill

Bluegills live in fresh water and are like “sunfish” and “pumpkinseeds” and “crappies” etc. all of which are in the bass family.

Bluefish live in the ocean and roam along littoral regions in large schools. This is what large bluefish look like:


Of course, when one is fishing for bluefish, there is always the possibility of catching the fish that eats them, such as striped bass. Like this:


The striped bass is not in the “bass family” referred to above. Striped Bass are Moronidae, bluegills, largemouth bass, etc. are Centrarchidae.

Anyway, sometimes you catch a shark.

Thinking Rationally About Climate Change, at FTBConscience

John Abraham, of St. Thomas University, and I have a running conversation about climate change … the science, communication about the science, the politics, etc. … and we are going to package this conversation in a one hour session at FTBConscience, an on line conference, Saturday Morning at 9:00, July 20th.

Details are here.

Join us as we discuss the latest news and events related to climate change, such as what is happening in the Arctic, deep in the Oceans, with the Jet Stream and weather extremes, some recent research on glacial melting and sea level rise, and so on.

And, we’ll also talk about science denialism and the latest trends in anti-science pseudo-skepticism.

There will be a chat room so you can toss us questions. See you there!

Reproductive Rights at FTBConscience

I’ll be joining a panel of amazing people, organized by my friend Brianne Bilyeu, to talk about reproductive rights, on Saturday. I expect my contribution to be relatively minimal and I’ll be listening with great interest to …

A panel of reproductive rights activists come together to discuss access to abortion in current events , clinic escorting and some common religious and non-religious arguments against abortion. Our panel consists of clinic escorts – including one panelist who volunteered before FACE laws went into effect (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances), health care professionals, an author and several bloggers who write about reproductive rights. Our panelists hail from Minnesota, Kentucky, Virginia and Ireland.

That will be on Saturday, July 20th, 2:00-3:00 PM. I’m guessing that’s Central time, but now that I think about it … I better check on that! Details here.