The Corporation. Have you seen it?

Have you seen The Corporation? It is an excellent documentary that runs through the list of psychiatric disorders that seem to be endemic to corporations. It came out in 2004, but is still very relevant. If you’ve not seen it, you should.

The film has a website, here. In some countries you can watch at least part of the film there (it may also be on YouTube, I’ve not checked lately) and The DVD costs about 20 bucks to buy or a few dollars to watch on Amazon. It is not on Netflix streaming, but it is available as a DVD.

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One thought on “The Corporation. Have you seen it?

  1. I saw The Corporation about 2005 or 2006. At the time, I was less than impressed. There were good parts, and the main point, comparing the behaviour of “The Modern Corporation” to behaviours often exhibited by psychopaths or people suffering from other mental illnesses, was at least thought provoking.

    However, the film had two major flaws in my opinion. First, it was very USA-centric. Every evil corporation was either American or doing its evil upon Americans. Corporations in the rest of the world, that are not owned by Americans, are hardly mentioned except as vague bogeymen that US companies are starting to resemble. Second, and more damning in my mind, is the reliance on a series of unconnected, no-context examples. It’s just vignette after vignette that are all “Here’s a bad thing! And here’s the corporation that did it!”, with a clear 1:1 correlation between the mere existence of a particular corporation and some situation or phenomenon. Unions going downhill? Walmart! Too many people, especially minorities, going to prison for minor crimes? Construction Company (that builds prisons)! Water pollution? DuPont! and so forth.

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