3 thoughts on “The NRA's comment on Newtown:

  1. Doug, that shooting also serves to show the lie that LaPierre was selling- that more cops with guns will solve the problem, as several of those shot in the rampage were armed cops themselves.

  2. You are way off base. Yes, an “airport” style security system would work well to prevent these actions from taking place again. A combination of armed uniformed police officers monitoring controlled access points while utilizing state of the art basic technology including cameras and facial recognition software would be a great start. Your figure of $250k per year is reasonable and worth every penny, especially if you consider the secondary benefit being a substantial creation of high quality jobs which America needs. Couple this with installing a 15 foot high fence around every school to be produced by American Manufacturing companies utilizing American made materials, and installed and maintained by legal American workers, and you have a win win win win. Argue with me, please. Furthermore, we need a law that gives any individual that is not an on duty police officer that is caught with any type of firearm on any school property will receive a minimum of 20 years in prison and up to 50 years in prison (just for possessing a weapon on school property) and the problem will be solved

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