7 thoughts on “"As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly…"

  1. Actually, Wild Turkeys can fly pretty well, though they don’t usually go far. I recently saw a flock of 6 or so hens rise up from the brush on one side of a highway, fly to the other side and end up in 45 foot tall trees; they went int a pretty straight line going up the whole way.

  2. Man alive that takes me back. Of course, I was 3 when the show first aired and 7 when it went off the air so it’s all a little hazy but I still remember parts of it really well.

  3. My brother and I laughed ourselves silly when we saw that way back then. My first reaction now is, “How did they tow a banner behind a helicopter without it getting tangled in the blades?”. Still funny though.

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