Tool Time: Heartland, Ted Kaczynski, and Education

The Heartland Institute is tonight’s tool time for putting out insane ads attacking the theory of climate change. The Heartland Institute is a deep pocketed conservative organization that counts Koch industries, Phillip Morris and Microsoft among its well-heeled donors. The Institute is funding a school curriculum to question the theory that carbon emissions have caused global warming and recently funded billboards in Chicago highlighting the fact that a handful of unhinged individuals believe in the theory. The billboards read “I still believe in global warming. Do you?”

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2 thoughts on “Tool Time: Heartland, Ted Kaczynski, and Education

  1. I’m beginning to think the Heartland Institute is infested with heckuvajob brownies, those malicious but incompetent little sprites that did so much damage during the Bush administration.

    Of course, the Heartland brownies did cleverly outsmart Peter Gleick– except that Gleick has all that information they gave him, and every reason to use it against them. I hope the list of Heartland’s corporate sponsors becomes common knowledge, so I know whose products to avoid.

  2. The Heartland crowd is truly malicious. Their ads are bad enough, but did you folks hear about their snooty response to criticism (often from the more sensible conservative types) of these ads? They called them “experiments”, acted like they were teasing animals or children with them, etc. Really gross.

    I could believe support from Koch of course, even PM, but MicroSoft? Well I am glad to hear their “support” is basically just allowing “non-profits” to have some free SW, IIUC from Greg’s other post. (BTW I have suggested “DumbALECs” to replace the vulgar sounding “Koch-suckers.”)
    See, you can do and get away with anything by saying you are a humorist, or trying to get attention, or doing “an experiment” etc. Just trash.

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