Democratic Primary is Today in Wisconsin

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This is the special primary for the Democrats (the Republicans have one too) in which voters will choose who will go up against Scott Walker, the hater-governor who is being recalled. The recall election will be next month.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is in the lead in that primary and will likely take it. He is the guy who was defeated by Walker in the previous election for governor, in 2010. The margin then was about 5%.

The two likely candidates, Barrett and Walker, seem to be tied in polls as to who will win. If you are interested in seeing Walker defeated, tomorrow would be a good time to donate to Barrett’s race (assuming he wins). His web site is here. If you are in Wisconsin, you are probably already involved or donating. And if you are not involved or donating, this would be a good time to ask yourself the fundamental question: “Why do I even exist if I am essentially useless?”

The fact that there is a recall underway is itself a great thing (though I think it would have been nice if the voters of Wisconsin had done the right thing to begin with!). But having the recall process actually lead to Walker being replaced would be a spectacular statement. This would only be the third time such a thing has happened in US history, and it would be a clear message to the teabaggers; “we think you are poopyfaces!” (or words to that effect).

What were the earlier recalls?

In 1921, Lynn Frazier was removed as Governor of North Dakota through the recall process over political issues. Frazier was a socialist and favored government ownership of banks and industry, so anti-socialist forces removed him. More recently, Gray Davis was removed by recall in California in 2003 by an effort initially funded by the wealthy Darrell Issa, a right-winger who wanted to be governer and thought this would be a good way to do it. Turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger took the job instead.

Related: Arizona Governor Evan Mecham was recalled in Arizona when the secretary of state certified a successful petition and an election was scheduled for May 17th, 1998. However, Mecham was impeached in February, a process that took a few months but resulted in his removal from office prior to the recall election. That was over misusing government funds.

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3 thoughts on “Democratic Primary is Today in Wisconsin

  1. Does Walker have to run in the Republican primary? Is there anyone running against him in it?

  2. I believe he does have to run and I believe there is at least one guy running against him, but he’s a statement/joke candidate who dresses up like Lincoln and tries to shame the Republicans for being … well, you know.

  3. … Gray Davis was removed by recall in California in 2003 by an effort initially funded by the wealthy Darrell Issa…

    Not to mention another wealthy Californian named Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr., heir to a massive savings-&-loan fortune and sugardaddy to a spate of sleazy discotutes.

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