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Senator Peter Brunstetter = White Supremacy + Anti Gay Marriage

Or so we hear, from his wife.

Senator Brunstetter is a Republican in North Carolina. He introduced an anti-gay marriage amendment. He should have been more careful about having the little lady keep her mouth shut becuase … well …

There is a transcript here.

I am so confused. I have heat stroke. Do you have heat stroke? I have heat stroke.

Climate "Controversy" in American Classrooms

PBS has something coming out tonight about teaching climate change in American Classrooms.

From a press release I just got in the mail:

The PBS NEWSHOUR examines the struggle over teaching climate change Wednesday

The PBS NewsHour’s Hari Sreenivasan will report Wednesday (May 2) on how the controversy over climate change affects America’s classrooms. Part of a NewsHour series on the impacts of climate change, Sreenivasan’s piece takes a look at a political think tank creating climate change curriculum, examines recent state laws dictating what can be taught about global warming and profiles a Colorado science teacher who faced a student/parent rebellion in her classroom over the issue.

“They hear it on the news, they see it in the newspaper, and they hear their parents talking about it” science teacher Cheryl Manning explains in tonight’s segment. “There are people who say the climate may be changing but it’s not our fault, or the climate isn’t changing at all. This is a natural cycle; there are all sorts of things that the kids hear. They want clarification.”

There is more information here.

He Should Have Been Wearing a Helmet (Repost from QM)

Martha and I were walking down the street…Downer Street, if I recall correctly…heading north from the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. We were close to the Kinko’s, which was on the west side of the north-south trending street, and about to cross. We were in fact off the curb and checking for traffic. A car was heading to the north, away from us. Since we were walking north and crossing the street diagonally, we were looking at the car from behind, but I could see that the light blue sedan was driven by a middle-aged woman with curly hair and largish glasses. Heading south, towards us, was a man on a bicycle. He had short dark hair, was large-framed and about 6 feet and 1 or 2 inches in height, driving a white or gray ten-speed bike. It might have been a Peugeot.

The bike was heading south at a reasonable clip, but he had stopped pedaling about 100 feet back. The car was slowing and had a left signal on, indicating that she would turn into the driveway of the bank just north of Kinko’s. That would be across the path of the oncoming bike, if she continued. But she was stopped.

It was obvious that the bike rider assumed that the car would stay stopped and let him continue before she made her turn. Therefore, he did not slow down much. But, just as the two vehicles were about 20 feet apart, the car made a small jerking motion, as if the driver was adjusting her foot on the brake. At no point, however, did she move forward. I do note, however, that her front tires were turning left as this was all happening. Depending on what the bike rider saw, he may have reasonably interpreted the signs and signals to mean that this car was about to pull in front of him. I’m pretty sure, however, that this was not going to happen.

The bike rider slammed on his brakes, but it seems that the front brake stuck more firmly than the back brake. The bike stopped instantly and the rear tire started to swing around to the right. But that was irrelevant now, because the bike rider, who was already leaning forward on the handle bars as per normal, was in the air.

He flew up into the air and over the front of the bike, and as he did so, his body rotated 90 degrees and his legs rotated 180 degrees. So, there was a moment in time when this large framed man looked like this:


This is a stick figure like a cartoon, but it is not meant to be funny. It is decidedly not funny. The point of this figure is to illustrate so there is no ambiguity this statement: The second to last experience this man had was being perfectly upside down, with his entire body up in the air and no contact with anything but the air around him.

The last experience he had was his head being pounded into the pavement with the full weight of his body.

He collapsed to the ground and convulsed. I said to Martha “Go into Kinko’s and call 911,” which she did. The nearest rescue facility with an ambulance was almost in sight a couple of blocks up the street, so they would be there in a moment.

I ran over to the man and made myself look big so that cars coming down the street would notice us and not run us over. He was now on his side convulsing heavily and continuously. His convulsing was causing his head and neck to whip around, so I got down and held his body in place so he would damage himself less.

The woman who was driving the car got out and was staring. Two people who had walked out of a local store and did not see the accident came over and yelled at me.

“Leave him alone!” one of them screamed at me.

“He’s an epileptic! He’s just having an epileptic fit! Don’t treat him like he was sick or something.”

The woman who had been driving the car was distraught. She said “I didn’t hit him! I don’t know how this happened! I was waiting for him to go by!”

He continued to convulse. Martha came out of Kinko’s and was standing nearby helping to keep traffic from either hitting us or causing a jam that would make it hard for the ambulance to come down the street. The ambulance was there in moments, and just as the EMTs came rushing over, the man with the bike stopped convulsing. He stopped moving. Eyes that were rolled back in his head became a blank stare.

I lied to Martha. I said I thought he’d probably be OK. It seemed to me that he was dead. To this day, I do not actually know. Perhaps he simply lived the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Or maybe he was fine.

Oh, did I mention? He was not wearing a helmet.

Will the Republicans become the party of Terrorism this August in Tampa?

It is quite possible.

As you know, Florida has gun laws that not only allow, but perhaps encourage, gun owners to seek out and kill those whom the fear, which to a Republican means those with whom they disagree. (Just ask Michele Bachmann about how to treat those with whom one disagrees.) Republicans are pretty dicey to begin with … thick headed lock-step walking radicals who spend half their time figuring out what to hate, and the other half, hating. Given that most Republicans are gun nuts, and the Republican National Convention is going to be held in Tampa, Florida, where it is OK to track people down and kill them because you don’t like them, the mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn suggested banning the carry of conealed weapons at the Republican National Convention scheduled for this August.

Florida Governor Rick Scott disagrees and will allow the carrying of guns by members of the Republican delegations from around the country. Continue reading Will the Republicans become the party of Terrorism this August in Tampa?