Will the Republicans become the party of Terrorism this August in Tampa?

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It is quite possible.

As you know, Florida has gun laws that not only allow, but perhaps encourage, gun owners to seek out and kill those whom the fear, which to a Republican means those with whom they disagree. (Just ask Michele Bachmann about how to treat those with whom one disagrees.) Republicans are pretty dicey to begin with … thick headed lock-step walking radicals who spend half their time figuring out what to hate, and the other half, hating. Given that most Republicans are gun nuts, and the Republican National Convention is going to be held in Tampa, Florida, where it is OK to track people down and kill them because you don’t like them, the mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn suggested banning the carry of conealed weapons at the Republican National Convention scheduled for this August.

Florida Governor Rick Scott disagrees and will allow the carrying of guns by members of the Republican delegations from around the country.

Normally, it is probably the case that this would not mean much. Most political operatives at the convention will be coming from far away. They are not likely to travel armed to the convention. But now that an issue has been made of it, and we have a standoff coming between protesters and Republicans which would have happened anyway, one has to wonder if there will be a lot of hot headed Tea Baggers packing heat at the convention. And if so, will the Republican delegates to the convention kill anybody?

And if they do, what then? What do we do about it? What will the other remaining Republicans do about it? What will the UN do about it? (If our election system turns violent, wouldn’t it be normal for other countries to intervene?)

One thing I might suggest: Organize large protests at the airports to welcome the Republicans back to their respective states. Organize large protests at the various local and regional headquarters. That sort of thing. (Don’t forget your body armor!)

But, indeed, I am getting ahead of myself. So far no crazy people from the right have gunned anyone down. Well, they have, but they’ve not done it in the specific context of a political event. Well, actually, they’ve done that too. Well, violence against citizens and violation of liberty at these conventions is generally rare … wait, no, actually, it’s damn common.

Oh dear….

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13 thoughts on “Will the Republicans become the party of Terrorism this August in Tampa?

  1. Conventions are not much more than infomercials now days. The Republicans might want to think about this before they go all wild west- one shot or worse one killed person will dominate the news cycle and reduce the effect of their convention. Worse yet if the person kill is anything other than a middle age male WASP it will create the story that Republicans fear/hate minorities so much they are willing to gun them down.

  2. So … can woman declare open season on Republicans? Because their policies are certainly life-threatening and dangesous.

  3. Utterly off topic, but why on earth does Google think I should be seeing an ad in Greek on this page?

  4. The RNC is desperately hoping there won’t be, I’m sure. And the liberal protestors aren’t likely to oblige, but I wouldn’t put it past some idiot agent provocateur to pull something, like that guy at an Occupy who tried to charge a bank and wound up with the rest of the crowd hanging back and just kind of looking at him funny.

  5. I don’t think most of the protesters at RNC’s are Liberals. They are mainly Anarchists. And yes, there will be provocateurs. Kinda the point of the protest.

    I assume they are now taking up collections to get body armor.

  6. I know this isn’t natural to liberals and progressives but, all should turn out with guns (unloaded of course). However be as threatening as possible, wave them. Why not use a right republicans passed to intimidate them. Tea partiers in Arizona caried M-15s and open caried pistols to Obama events. I am an unapologenic liberal but my army records show me as an expert marksman with all kinds of esoteric arms including anti-tank rockets, grenade launchers, pistols, shotguns, and long rifles. What could intimidate repubs more than armed liberals?

  7. How about one with duct tape over their mouth.
    I’m cleaning my snub nose 38 tonight so I am ready for Florida and the crazy liberals. Don’t worry as I am only packin’ rubber bullets on this trip. Sure hope some minorities get lippy so I have a reason to use my new 10,000 volt taser. It supposed to be able to drop a horse in 3 seconds. Come on, really! Greg your story makes about as much sense and me saying all draft dodgers are liberals. Well let’s say 98%.

  8. @ ^ dano : Wasn’t there a story recently about Ted Nugent – now a far right winger – draft dodging Vietnam in the 1970’s by deliberately, umm, how to put this, messing his pants and not changing them for a few days or somthin’ like that? Or am I mistaken?

  9. Ted Nugent was/is a great musician (own opinion obviously) but I would not necessarily say he does my side any good. We both have our class idiots.

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