Senator Peter Brunstetter = White Supremacy + Anti Gay Marriage

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Or so we hear, from his wife.

Senator Brunstetter is a Republican in North Carolina. He introduced an anti-gay marriage amendment. He should have been more careful about having the little lady keep her mouth shut becuase … well …

There is a transcript here.

I am so confused. I have heat stroke. Do you have heat stroke? I have heat stroke.

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7 thoughts on “Senator Peter Brunstetter = White Supremacy + Anti Gay Marriage

  1. Well, who woulda thunk that discriminating against gay people would save the “Caucasian race”. Heh. There is no way that allowing gay couples to legally marry will impact the number of whites – for one thing isn’t Mrs. Brunstetter (R-Dingbat) and company already aware that a) not all gay and bi folks are white; b)people don’t need to a marriage certificate to have children.

    Plus much to my amusement she brings up the ‘white people made this country and wrote the constitution’? Oh, hilarious. I’m thinking that the ‘Founding Fathers’ were WASPS – English folk, who looked down there noses at the Irish, and their descendents in the 19th and early 20th centuries kept looking down their noses at the waves of immigrants who were Irish, Eastern Europeans, Italians, Greeks, and any Europeans who weren’t Anglo-Saxon. Only relatively recently have they been viewed as ‘white’ – so, since at the time if the writing of the Constitution and for a good hundred plus years after, none of these various groups were regarded as ‘white’ they can’t be viewed as Twoo Amewicans either and inheritors of those who had written the Constitution. The Anglo-Saxons got outnumbered a long time ago. TOO LATE BRUNSTETTER!!

  2. I wonder what people can be saying about an anti-gay-marriage amendment that aren’t true. It certainly goes the other way.

    Simply, wtf?

  3. If gays aren’t allowed to marry gays, then surely they will pump out kids. As they have been for years while gay marriage has been illegal.

    And, I will note that I am surprised to find that only caucasians are gay or lesbian.

    Is it just me, or is it really hot in here?

  4. So, if gay marriage is banned, then all those gay white people will marry people of the opposite sex and have children with them? However, none of those gay black people will marry someone of the opposite sex and have children with them? I see. Her logic is impeccable.

  5. I am so embarrassed. I had a rant with my son the other day about how the marriage amendment was created by using white-out on the word ‘negro’ and substituting the word ‘gay’ and explained to him that the arguments the religious nutbags are using are the same ones used for the ‘miscegenation’ laws.

    Again, I’m so embarrassed that I live anywhere near these complete nutbar xtians that keep popping up out of the woodwork.

  6. Uncle Glenny said: “I wonder what people can be saying about an anti-gay-marriage amendment that aren’t true.”

    The amendment says that “the only legal domestic union (in NC) will be between a man and a woman”. I think she might have meant that people opposed to the amendment are worried that what are now civil unions will be unrecognized and cause children and partners to be denied many rights. Not just gay couples. There are also questions about domestic violence for unmarried women.

    These are real concerns that the right is trying to pass off as lies. I have my anti-amendment t-shirt on right now. I can’t wait for the 8th to vote against this crap.

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