5 thoughts on “You can request that the Sanford, Florida Police arrest George Zimmerman

  1. There is a better way than arresting Zimmerman. Maybe someone else can claim “stand your ground” the next time they see him. It’s not unreasonable to consider him an “imminent threat”, after all.

  2. It’s unfortunate that the Fla. Legislature didn’t think through the law that caused the horrific chain of events on that Feb 26th evening….I believe many of the legislators who voted for the “stand your ground” bill regret it. Very poor planning ….definitley reflects mr rubio’s poor judgement and leadership. the entire Fla republican delegation appears to be circling their wagons trying to distance themselves from possible federal hate crimes. what kind of coward chases and bully’s a 17 year old, then starts to fabricate the most implausible tales…..and, what kind of law enforcement appears to be assisting in a cover-up…a moraly ignorant and intellectually deprived group of men who need an indepth interrogation and external investigation.

  3. The people who came up with the stand your ground law say it doesn’t apply to Zimmerman. He lost that right when he went after the teen. Not that it excuses the legislators for devising a poorly designed law in the first place.

    In “good” news, its seems the story has at last gone big. We’ve been hearing about it on our news up in Canada and relatives in the U.K. are telling me they’ve seen it too. Even the president has weighed in.

    Thanks to Greg for being one of the bringing attention to it.

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