Toulouse Attack on Jewish School

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Toulouse Jewish school attack: gunman ‘had video camera round neck’

Claude Gueant said that police do not know the identity of the man behind the deadly attck on the Jewish school, but quoted a witness who said he was wearing the device.
Mr Gueant said that the attacker “was wearing on his bloody chest a kind of filming apparatus.” Asked whether the gunman recorded the scene, Gueant responded, “We can imagine that.”
He said Tuesday authorities are combing the Internet to see if the killer posted a video online, but have not yet found any traces.


Of course, the usual suspects beat him to it:

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  1. It’s a bit off point but there was a scene in the movie “King Rat” were a pair of feet were shown sticking out of a latrine hole. Sadly that option will not be available for this “hero”.

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