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We need to review the principles of flight here…

UPDATE: They got a new plane

– – – – –

UPDATE: They have decided it is better to fly a
plane with brakes, so they are now looking for
a new one. Problem is, the broken plane is an
extra large, and most likely the replacement
will be a medium, so we won’t all fit.

– – – – – –

So, I was just about to get on a plane at MSP, when we heard about “maintenance trouble.” There was a delay, then another delay, then another. Then the pilot came on the intercom and explained.

“One of the spoilers is broken. We need that to slow the plane down when that is necessary. We can kinda do without it, but we would have to adjust the weight of the aircraft. If we do that, we might not make it all the way to our destination. So we’ve got a guy working on the calculations and we’ll let you know. He’s got my cell phone. We might have to use a different aircraft. We’ll keep you posted.”

I think that there is an airstrip NEAR where we are going, a government air strip, that is among the longest in the world. If we land there, we don’t need the spoilers, right? Maybe I’ll go tell him that. What do you think?

Couple kicked out of restaurant for being girls, kissing.

A couple says they were thrown out of a downtown Phoenix restaurant and bar after they shared what they call an innocent hug and kiss. The pair believes they were thrown out because they are women.

“She is the most amazing person who has come into my life,” said Kenyata White of her girlfriend of two years, Aeimee Diaz. Sunday they were at the District, which is located inside the Sheraton Hotel, to celebrate.

“We just kind of sat there in that moment and hugged each other and gave each other a kiss,” White said. But White said shortly after they kissed, a manager walked up to them.

“The management came up to us and told us that we needed to get a room and that our behavior was inappropriate for their establishment and that we needed to leave,” White said.

They did leave, but eventually Diaz went back in to talk with the manager, who told them he was acting on a request from other customers.


Armed Prosecutors

We’ve talked before about how what the word “lower” in “lower house” if a bicameral system might mean. Here we have another example. The Minnesota House has passed a bill, almost unanimously, that would allow County Attorneys … that’s our phrase for prosecutors … to carry guns.

Not in the courtroom, though.

There was a recent event in which a County Attorney was shot by a pissed off guy who had just been convicted of some nasty crime. Yesterday or thereabouts, the horrid 911 call of that incident, which recorded much agony and fear and such on tape, was released. Everybody is upset about it again.

That incident happened in a courtroom where the CA would not have been carrying a gun, according to this potential new law.