House vs. Senate: Where to find the tea?

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Have you ever noticed that lower level of a bicameral legislature is often populated by out of control yahoos who aren’t very good lawmakers, while the upper level is more often populated by individuals who seem less willing to totally embarass themselves at every turn? A great example of this unfolded recently in New Hampshire, with some gun-related legislation.

The house crafted a number of bills related to guns:

  • A bill allowing people to carry loaded weapons, including crossbows, in their cars, by redefining what “loaded gun” is.
  • A bill that lets people carry guns on campuses, public sports venues, and the state psychiatric hospital
  • A bill that allows people to carry concealed firearms without a permit
  • Two other bills, I don’t know what they were.

All the bills were quickly rejected by the Senate. Of these bills, Senate President Peter Bragdon said, “We spent a grand total of 6 minutes on 5 bills because we want to focus on the issues that are important to the New Hampshire people.”

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6 thoughts on “House vs. Senate: Where to find the tea?

  1. I think this is a big part of the point of a bicameral legislature, and it actually doesn’t work that badly most of the time. Remember that the House also includes “yahoos” on our side, i.e. people who are so unapologetically progressive that they would be unelectable to the Senate. There have been no openly atheistic senators, for one thing…

  2. I believe that’s what the founding fathers meant when they called the Senate “the saucer” that cools the hot tea of the House.

    As far as New Hampshire is concerned, it’s my understanding that it has one of the largest per capita legislatures in the country. Since the House members represent a relatively small handful of people, the odds of a nutjob getting elected goes up tremendously. That would explain the explosion of nutty bills, not just relating to guns, but stuff relating to birtherism and abortion, that have come out the NH House this year.

    A bill that lets people carry guns on campuses, public sports venues, and the state psychiatric hospital

    Because what could possibly go wrong with having guns around drunk sports fans or the mentally ill?

    I swear, is there any conservative who doesn’t fantasize that he could be John McClane and save the day in the event of a hostage situation or terrorist attack?

  3. About that bill to permit loaded weapons to be carried at the state mental hospital: that’s crazy.

    Revised definition of loaded weapon: “loaded” = “drunk”
    If weapon has not had anything to drink, it’s OK to be carried.

  4. I’ve internet acquaintances who, seemingly, really do believe that if everyone was armed everything would be so much better.

    I ask what would happen if someone went crazy, pulled a gun, and started randomly killing people in a crowded mall with everyone armed and ready to shoot. They answer back that he gunman would be cut down quickly and calm restored.

    Asked how the good guys know which gunman to shoot the answer is always the ‘bad’ guy. Things get quiet when I ask how they know which one the ‘bad’ guy is if everyone has a gun out ready to shoot.

    All I can figure is that, like in the westerns, all the bad guys will be wearing black hats. Clearly we need a cunning plan. Like having people going to the mall sign in and issued appropriately colored hats. Problem solved. LOL.

  5. Canadian customs stopped a guy entering Canada with more than 70 guns. When asked if he was carrying any weapons, he said no. Apparently he is upset that Canada is violating his 2nd amendment rights.

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