New Open Access Journal

From a Press Release:

Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association and Cambridge University Press launch new Open Access journal

The Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) and Cambridge University Press announced today the launch of the APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing – a groundbreaking new Open Access journal that will serve as an international forum for signal and information processing researchers across a broad spectrum of research, ranging from traditional modalities of signal processing to emerging areas.

APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing will be an advanced platform for researchers to publish and disseminate their work rapidly, through the continuous publication of peer-reviewed articles. Every article will be freely available online worldwide without restrictions.

All articles are published under the Creative Commons license, with authors retaining copyright. Upon acceptance of a paper, authors pay a one-off processing fee to cover the costs of reviewing, producing, hosting and archiving the article. This quality peer-reviewed journal is overseen by an international team of distinguished and leading experts on the Advisory and Editorial Boards. The APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing will be led by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Antonio Ortega from the University of Southern California.

Find out more here.

I doubt that this new journal is of any great interest to most of the readers on this site, but I point it out because it is an example of a major press producing a journal with this new model (Open Access).

Why think “Orangutan” when we expect “Chimp”1

1I know, only 5 people tops who read this blog will get that joke, but it was worth it.

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One thought on “New Open Access Journal

  1. Open access journals are scholarly journals that are available online to the reader “without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself. Some are subsidized, and some require payment on behalf of the author. Subsidized journals are financed by an academic institution, learned society or a government information center; those requiring payment are typically financed by money made available to researchers for the purpose from a public or private funding agency, as part of a research grant. There have also been several modifications of open access journals that have considerably different natures: hybrid open access journals and delayed open access journals.
    Open access journals (sometimes called the “gold road to open access”) are one of the two general methods for providing open access. The other one (sometimes called the “green road”) is self-archiving in a repository. The publisher of an open access journal is known as an “open access publisher”, and the process, “open access publishing”.


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