College Diminishes Faith

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Therefore we should stop giving money to them.

And now, a word from the next president of the United States:

I want my Canadian Passport now, just in case.

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30 thoughts on “College Diminishes Faith

  1. Has it really come to this? At least he has the balls to come right out and say it. If there are too many smart people in this country their party has no chance.

  2. Let it not be said that Santorum wants a return to some idealized 1950’s, Santorum wants us back in the 550’s. The more he speaks the more it sounds like he is nostalgic for the dark ages. A time of nobility, peasants and unquestioned faith the the One True Church.

  3. Frothy, come on. You read the Constitution. Of COURSE the ACLU would be again (non-private) universities teaching and upholding strict Judeo-Christian ideologies… BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T ENDORSE RELIGION!

    And sorry, the only thing “indoctrinating” about college and universities is that you’re educated. And education is correlated with lack of religious faith.

  4. I LOLed. Santroum is just fantastic.

    I love the faces he makes as he says bigoted things. Like duh, geez, why do I even need to bother to say these things, everyone knows it’s true!

  5. After WWII, one American Army general wanted to turn Germany into a pre-industrial agrarian nationthat would never again be able to fight any wars. I can trace my ancestry back to German peasants of the 1800s; they were Uplifted by the industrial revolution, and now I’m sitting on a bus with a cool computer in my lap, discussing this with you over WiFi.

    Santorum apparently wants to do to the United States what that general wanted to do to Germany. But I suspect he doesn’t want to do anything about the way Liberty University and its ilk indoctrinate their students. The Santorum Ideal: God-fearing hayseeds who might know how to fix Chinese tractors.

  6. And sorry, the only thing “indoctrinating” about college and universities is that you’re educated. And education is correlated with lack of religious faith.

    Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but it seems clear to me that a good college ‘indoctrinates’ students on ‘reality’. So here, Sir Frothalot is openly admitting that reality is toxic to faith.

  7. If have to agree. I remember when I was in college all of the BS that was feed to me by my profs. They did not live in the real world. They were in college for life & no idea what is was to hold a real job, raisse kids in a decent and morally correct society & teach your kids right fom wrong. No not all profs were left wingers but I would say the small percent that were not is not worth mentioning.

  8. Oh man… if this clown dared to say something like this in the public sphere here in Europe, he’d be laughed off the stage before you could say “frothy mix”

    Seriously, I cannot even begin to fathom how someone could take a shit-for-brains like Santorum as anything else but a laughing stock.

  9. Dan-O @ # 13 – If that college allowed you to graduate with that kind of spelling and syntax, your diploma is worthless.

  10. Busted!

    Every time I teach inorganic chemistry to juniors, I indoctrinate them with a radical secular view of the subject. I’ve never once tried to be fair and balanced by introducing the Judeo-Christian viewpoint on inorganic reaction mechanisms.

    OK. From now on I’ll include how the chemistry of transition metals proves that Jesus is Lord… keep those donations rolling in!

    1. @ Butler. Quick typing sometimes causes errors. @ garnetstar I look forward to having my children take inorganic chemistry. Why is it so hard for left wing individuals to understand that some people believe in a higher power. I don’t comdemn or talk down to you yet you always seem to think you are so much better. Cheers & no hard feelings.

  11. dan-o:
    (At your response to garnetstar) Not believing in magic does make one better than someone who does believe in magic. It’s only right to talk to people like they are children if that is where they are at mentally.

  12. Driveby: That works fine until you run into someone who believes in magic and the magic actually works! Suddenly there’s a flash of light and you’re a frog!

    1. @21 BOL on the frog deal. I would just stick with your standard agenda such as the right started the war, they also caused the economy to crash & lastly that believing in a higher cause that asks you to do the right thing, treat all people as if they were your (favorite) brother & help your neighbor is worthless. Cheers and say hi to Kermit from me.

  13. How dare those colleges teach radical secular ideology, otherwise known as the pursuit of truth and learning.

    Santorum is obviously confused. What I find comforting about this is that he seems so scared by the ACLU and secular ideological indoctrination. It’s nice to know that he feels that the indoctrination of unsuspecting children with the belief virus is under threat. If only it were true.

  14. I would just stick with your standard agenda such as the right started the war, they also caused the economy to crash

    Do you have refutations of these claims? Or do you just take umbrage that people hold these opinions.

    lastly that believing in a higher cause that asks you to do the right thing, treat all people as if they were your (favorite) brother & help your neighbor is worthless.

    Because it is a stupid fucking reason to do those things and that initial belief is itself is weak and unfounded. Justifying your actions with crazy ass beliefs is doing the right thing for the wrong reason or doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. (You seem to have forgotten the every day atrocities done in the name of your particular brand of voodoo) You do see that right?

    Also, basing your own actions on the magic you think exists removes all logic and discussion from the playing field.
    “Because god said so” is a “just so” type of stance.They are declarations and commandments, not rational and supported ideas and opinions.

    Gays should be imprisoned, god said so. Abortion should be illegal. God said so. There is no room for compromise or understanding when you can point to special super secret unprovable shit . You can’t build a good argument off of it and it is especially unconvincing when you are dealing with people that believe differently.

    Cheers and say hello to your pixies or whatever it is you believe in.

  15. @24 Based on your response including 4 letter words & talking down to me I am guessing you are either uneducated or lack the belief that others can think differently than you. Either way good luck in dealing with all of your hostility towards others who don’t agree with you. My guess is the ape you evolved from did not play well with others either. 🙂

  16. My guess is that you are 6 based on the fact that you think that swearing means I am uneducated. That and the fact that your imaginary friend. Talking down to someone also doesn’t mean I am uneducated. Those things might mean I’m an asshole. Personally you deserve to be talked down to since you continuously make shit up.
    My guess is that you have to make shit up to support your stances.

    People can think differently from me, but they don’t get to make up their own reality. Greg thought it would be a good idea to spend many years in Africa studying the peoples there, I’d rather not eat bugs. I’m fine with his opinion. I’m not fine with you demanding that people respect your little bitty games of make believe.

    I’m not being any more hostile to you than you are to me. You’re just throwing in smiley faces to pretend you aren’t an asshole.

    I’d like to point out that you hadn’t addressed anything I said to you in my previous post, but as I said earlier logic and discussion are two things your worldview completely excludes. Instead you just play the victim.

    Good luck with getting those voices in your head treated.

    1. You said it correctly when you called yourself an @$$hole plus now I am adding uneducated as well. Have fun studying your brother the ape. Perhaps he can teach you some manors. Looking forward to some change in 2012.

  17. Congratulations!
    You’ve admitted everything you’ve said here is stupid and a waste of time.
    Or at least that’s what you imply by not being able to defend a single thing that you said.

    I may be an asshole, but at least I’m not a fucking dumbass.
    Have fun not studying anything since information and learning apparently are your enemies.

    Fucking hell…swearing= uneducated but belief in magic and crying victim when you’re asked to support a the things you assert = intelligent? What kind of head trauma have you experienced?

    Also, go shove your ad hominems up your ass, right there next to your head.

    1. @ Drivebyposter are you saying Obama has done a better job in unemployment, receivers of food stamps or federal debt compared to Bush? Let’s see….Jan 09 Bush vs Dec 2011 Obama, Unemployment 7.8% vs 8.5% nope not a winner
      Food Stamps received 32million vs 46.2million nope not a winner
      Total debt 10.6 trillion vs 15.2 trillion nope not a winner again.

      Obama’s flops include:
      1. For three plus years, Obama’s economic message has been “recovery is around the corner.” He has delivered this message from factory floors and restaurant tables. He has not spoken in front of groups of unemployed; he has not spoken at welfare offices.
      2. Like President George W. Bush before him, Obama took bold and necessary action to save the U.S. financial system in the early spring of 2009. A lot of ugly things were done. A lot of reckless people got away scot-free — in fact, richer than ever. But apocalypse was averted, so congratulations all around. Afterward though: Where was the reckoning? The administration remained focused on reassuring bankers long after it had finished the job of saving the banks.
      3. Obamacare…need I say anymore 🙁

      Bush’s accomplishments:
      1. Signed two income tax cuts, one of which was the largest dollar-value tax cut in world history.
      2. Increased the annual contribution limit on Education IRA’s from $500 to $2,000 per child.
      3. Handled himself with enormous courage, dignity, grace, determination, and leadership in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 hijackings and anthrax attacks. He almost single-handedly held this country together during those searing days.
      4. & probably the most important for us right wingers: Has reintroduced the mention of God and faith into public discourse.

      As far as thinking you are an idiot or talking down to you, I have never once attacked you or swore in my replies to you. I simply listened and gave the answers that I wanted to give. That may make you mad but that is life. Please relax this evening, take a valium and watch The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson or Brother son, Sister Moon. Almost forgot…God Bless. 🙂

  18. Re Dan-o @ #29

    i>Please relax this evening, take a valium and watch The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson

    No thanks, I have no interest in watching anything starring that antisemitic fascist goat fucker.

    Re Dan-o @ #27

    Have fun studying your brother the ape.

    From this comment, I infer that Mr. Dan-o is an evolution denier. Oh, and by the way, I have a PhD in elementary particle physics and my thesis adviser was a born again Christian and old earth creationist who did not accept the theory of evolution.

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