2 thoughts on “A nail in your brain can cause dizziness

  1. You gotta hate when that happens.

    Working construction, in hard times everyone who doesn’t know anything calls themselves a ‘carpenter’, you get a lot of untrained people who tend to think all you need to know with a nail gun is how to work the trigger. Most of them ‘bump-fire’ the gun if they can. With their finger firmly holding the trigger down every time the front of the gun lands you shoot a nail. Grand for speeding things up. Also grand for carelessly shooting one or more nails, surprisingly enough many cases involve multiple nails, into your anatomy. More often knees, thighs, feet or hands but the head shots get the most notice. An X-ray that made the rounds showed two, perhaps three, large nails (looked to be 10d to me) in a guy’s head. And totally self-inflicted. How the hell did that happen?

    I’m always amazed when I go to the hardware store and see where for a few hundred dollars, no questions asked, anyone, including the mentally and/or physically incapable, can buy a gun that will sink a 16d nail (better than three inches long) into a paralam beam that is almost as hard as oak. No license, no training, no certification, no requirements that you have even the vaguest idea what you are dealing with.

    An old carpenter I knew used to talk about “Too much tool for so little training and talent”.

    On the other hand good pneumatic tools sure do make the jobs go faster. Two people using them can do in an afternoon what an entire crew would take a day to do. And a gun will fire a nail so quickly and straight that you can nail wood that you would have to drill and nail to keep it from splitting if you used a hammer. Prices have come down so anyone doing carpentry regularly can benefit. But please, please, get some training. At least read the manual. Don’t bump-fire. Focus on safety.

    Nail guns make nailing quick and easy. They also make seriously hurting yourself just as quick and easy.

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