Beau Bridges is for stricter gun control

This story seems to come a bit out of nowhere: Nothing seemed to prompt it and it rleates to an incident that happened decades ago. But, since Beau is the son of ¿Quién es más macho? Lloyd Bridges, and we’re talking about this topic, I thought I’d point you to it.

“Many years ago … I got held up at a little coffee shop in Los Angeles. … The guy ended up shooting someone in the restaurant in the leg. … I ran out and called the cops. They got the guy… That just gave me another reason to understand that we have to understand the power of guns, and make sure they don’t get into the wrong people’s hands.”

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One thought on “Beau Bridges is for stricter gun control

  1. He also played Jim Brady in a biographical film about his shooting and partial recovery. That incident is, or rather should be, enough to make anyone realise the importance of gun control.

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