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Programmers suck; Programs suck; Programming languages suck.

Some interesting news from the world of computer programming. A company that provides products to improve code studied a bunch of programs and evaluated how badly they were written. Cobol programs had the lowest rate of bad code, while Java the highest. Part of this is because Cobol programs are all old and have been revised and fixed up quite a bit, but it was also suggested that Java programs relatively suck because modern programmers relatively suck. For this reason, maybe Microsoft’s latest Evile Corporate Decision makes sense: The new Microsoft 8 App Store deal allows Microsoft to kill any of the apps you buy if they feel like it. You agree to that when you buy apps there. And all this is rather interesting in light of a recent commentary suggesting that what is needed to keep software development going is the invention of new programming languages because existing languages can’t easily be upgraded beyond a certain point, so it is better to create entirely new ones.

The true identity of Franc Hoggle and Felch Grogan is: Victor Ivanoff

There was quite a discussion a while back on whether or not the identify of an internet troll known as Franc Hoggle should be revealed. It was generally thought that his identity should be revealed, but it wasn’t because no one wanted to sully their own hands over such an insignificant dit. However, PZ Myers as Pharyngula has decided to tell everyone that Franc Hoggle is Victor Ivanoff, which about fifty of us have known for weeks (because a “friend of his,” disgusted with his behavior, put it around a while back).

Apparently Ivanoff is easy to spot in a crowd because he smells very bad. Seriously, I am not making that up. Anyway, he made sufficiently threatening noises in PZ’s direction that PZ felt outing him now was the best thing to do. I am very disappointed with this turn of events because I wanted to be the one to reveal his identity. I’m sure many others feel the same way. Oh well.

Read all about it here.

Facebook has been hiding some of your important messages from you

This is actually outrageous. Some of your messages, perhaps many, have been hidden in a place you probably never thought to look. I just found out about it, and looked there, and in fact there were messages I needed to see. Facebook has majorly let me down with this cute little move of theirs.

The story about how bad this can get and how to find your hidden missives is HERE. Hat tip, Ana.

And continuing with our theme on The War on Christmas:

The Grinch Until After Christmas

It’s that time of the year once again. Christmas is upon us.

As I sat in a luxury car on a long drive, Christmas music was playing on the car’s stereo. Year after year, the same CD. Always the same 60+ year old songs. I feel as if my life is usually divided into two categories: Christmas music days and non-Christmas music days. One song, I’m supposing, is Alvin and the Chipmunks. The entire damn song, away they sing in an annoying voice, wanting their hula-hoops…

It’s maddening. Simply maddening….

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Commission on International Religious Freedom Likely to Shut Down

I didn’t know we had one of these. It will close …

… if Congress does not approve $4 million in annual funding for the independent bipartisan commission, as well as re-authorize its mission, which is to advocate for persecuted religious minorities around the world and advise the U.S. government on related policy positions.

sourse: Fox

The Republicans are complaining because the Democrats want to use this money to create 1,100 jobs somewhere in the US.

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s LaBarbera mad at Obama

… and other matters.

You will be stunned to learn that Americans For Truth About Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera isn’t happy either, asking, “Who knew that when President Ronald Reagan spoke idealistically about America becoming a ‘shining city on the hill,’ that city would turn out to be Sodom?” LaBarbera said that Obama and Clinton are putting America in a position of “defiance toward her Creator to a new level” and endorsing an “affront to our Declaration of Independence”

More here.

Meanwhile, Republicans break out the popcorn to watch anti-choice porn:

Mike Huckabee has been making the rounds on right-wing radio promoting a new anti-choice documentary he produced with Citizens United called “The Gift of Life” which profiles anti-choice activists as well as those who were “saved from the abortionist”…Huckabee is scheduled to premier the film in Iowa next week and he invited the candidates seeking the Republican nomination to join him for the event where each would be given five minutes to address the audience and flaunt their anti-choice credentials … and so far, four candidates have accepted the invitation…


Here’s a triler … you could always visit the YouTube site and unlike it!
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The Crash of Flight 447

Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean (near here) some time ago. In the absence of much physical evidence, experts figured out that the crash involved a misunderstanding of air speed due in part to faulty air speed data from iced over sensors. Then, last April, the cockpit data and voice recorders were fished out of the sea, which is rather incredible. Since then, further analysis has confirmed the initial finding but added a twist: Yes, there was a problem with air speed, but the proximate reason for the crash is because the individuals piloting the plane (especially one of them) misunderstood, well, how to fly a plane because the things they needed to do were not part of their training.

The voice recording is transcribed and analysed in a new book, in French, , which is in turn reported and discussed here. Riveting.

And I’ll remind you of this post: Flight 447 and the ITCZ, which is more about the ITCZ than the flight or its demise.