And continuing with our theme on The War on Christmas:

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The Grinch Until After Christmas

It’s that time of the year once again. Christmas is upon us.

As I sat in a luxury car on a long drive, Christmas music was playing on the car’s stereo. Year after year, the same CD. Always the same 60+ year old songs. I feel as if my life is usually divided into two categories: Christmas music days and non-Christmas music days. One song, I’m supposing, is Alvin and the Chipmunks. The entire damn song, away they sing in an annoying voice, wanting their hula-hoops…

It’s maddening. Simply maddening….

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2 thoughts on “And continuing with our theme on The War on Christmas:

  1. And on the subject of songs you hear over and over again, we have today’s xkcd

    (“Baby Boomers” aren’t as much a feature of South African culture as in the US. So we just get the Boney M Christmas Album. Every year. For the last 30 years.)

  2. Music isn’t the same in South Africa as it is in the US! I learned early on to bring numerous CD’s and leave them around like Johnny Appleseed, at bars, restaurants, or people’s homes I might frequent.

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