Daily Archives: November 20, 2011

Don’t Forget: AM 950 at 9 Central Time

This week on Atheist Talk Radio, I’ll be interviewing Shawn Lawrence Otto, who has just launched his book, “Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America,” a richly documented and well reasoned analysis of modern science denialism, especially addressing climate change.

We’ll speak about Shawn’s book as well as the current state of climate change research and the related politics. I guarantee a lively and enlightening conversation.

If you are in the Twin Cities, please, join us at Q. Cumbers for brunch. If you bring a copy of Shawn’s book and a pen you can get it signed!

We would also like to note that this Sunday’s Q. Cumbers brunch will be also be a meet-up of a different kind. There will be at least three FTB.com (Free Thought Blogs) bloggers at the brunch, Stephanie (who is also hosting the radio show), Moi, and coming down from Canada with his wife Jodi, will be Jason.

Shawn Lawrence Otto’s Web Site is Here.