Scott Olsen to undergo brain surgery

The protesting vet who was injured by police in Oakland will have to have brain surgery. He was in critical condition but has been upgraded to fair. It is not know if he has regained consciousness.

Olsen’s roommate Keith Shannon, who served with him in Iraq, said Olsen would be undergoing surgery “within a day or two”.

Shannon, who lives with Olsen in Daly City, a city south of San Francisco, said it was “great” that Olsen had been upgraded to “fair” status, but said concerns remained as to whether he may have suffered brain damage.

He was sedated upon arrival at the hospital on Tuesday night. His parents flew in from Wisconsin and were at his bedside on Thursday.

Oakland’s police chief Howard Jordan has promised a vigorous investigation into the incident which has provoked heavy criticism across the US, sparking solidarity marches in dozens of Occupy camps in the country.

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5 thoughts on “Scott Olsen to undergo brain surgery

  1. I know Scott personally. He’s my girlfriend’s cousin. We aren’t real close friends, but I’ve known him for years, been to the movies with him, and we’ve had interesting talks back when he lived in Wisconsin. One thing I’ve always liked about him is that he’s very open to discussion on topics like religion and politics. He’s willing to listen to reason, and that’s a trait that’s sorely lacking these days.

    I’m glad his fellow protesters risked their own safety to carry him out of there. But my mind is really blown by the irony of him surviving two tours in Iraq without a scratch only to have this happen here at home.

  2. If the doctors so as good a job with Olsen as they did with Giffords, Scott should be up and running soon. The Zulus had techniques to cut out sections of the skull to reduce brain swelling. Supposedly it worked pretty well. They must have known to wash their hands and clean their saws and chisels first. If they did, the ancient South African gods must have been the real gods.

    I think we’ve just seen what a “less than lethal” round can do at short range. Plus they used Scott as a “sucker bomb” target. Wound a victim to draw people in and then throw a concussion grenade. Nicely played!

    Just wait until Cabin Crew figures out who fired the shot and who tossed the grenade. Snail mail is not that traceable. Prepare to be forced underground.

  3. I used to work at Highland Hospital. They have a good trauma service, they actually instituted the county trauma protocol(while I worked there). He is in good hands.

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