McDonalds Reintroduces the McRib!!!

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This is the biggest thing since Justin Beiber’s haircut! Video below the fold.

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5 thoughts on “McDonalds Reintroduces the McRib!!!

  1. What kind is stupid and/or corrupt news media does a county have to have to get a minor commercial product reported as though it were news? Does McDonalds pay for this hack reporting?

    Did someone pay for the earlier “climategate” reporting? Did someone pay to keep the recent study confirming the scientific consensus on climate change from being reported? Or, are the media just intimidated by the loons? Are the media owned by companies with a short-term economic interest in political stasis on climate change?

    Something that might cause widespread death and misery: no coverage and lies, alternating. Some “new” product that is of limited benefit (and potentially some harm) to society: coverage on multiple channels.

    Is there an hope for humanity? Sheesh.

  2. I guess that means the animal it’s made from isn’t as extinct as they thought, or else they found a replacement animal. Probably the latter, actually. I wonder how many legs this one has.

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