“One State Under God”

Texas is considering tossing the Constitution of the United States of America under the bus by issuing license plates depicting three crosses on a hill and reading “One State Under God”

The plan is, it will make some money, so it doesn’t really matter that the Constitution of the United States of America will be trampled on. “Think about this: It is a revenue stream that’s a discretionary purpose, how do you argue with it?” said Kim Drummond, spokeswoman for the company that would make the plates.

Well, I guess it’s OK then.

Details here.

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4 thoughts on ““One State Under God”

  1. You argue with it by pointing out that it will lose the taxpayers of the state of Texas more money than will be gained by the mercenaries who are stamping the plates. How do you argue with that?

  2. Instead of wasting taxpayer money on schools, just sell all children into slavery. Think about the savings! Think about the profits!

    It’s good to see that making sense isn’t allowed to get in the way of making money.

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