God is important. Unless it costs too much.

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The very controversial bible classes offered in Georgia Schools are threatened with extinction because a) Georgia has thrown education under the bus and now a public school class requires a higher number of students than ever to be considered affordable and b) they ain’t got the students signing up for them there bible classes.

Four other states (the usual suspects: Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Oklahoma) have similar laws. They are all facing the reality that just because it says “In God We Trust” on the money that they can afford to force their religion on the children in public schools.

Though data are scant in other states, national experts say Georgia is not alone.

The economy is taking a toll on how many schools consider offering Bible classes because it’s difficult to find qualified teachers and set aside the funding for the textbook and materials, said Sarah Jenislawski, executive director for the Virginia-based Bible Literacy Project, which has sold its textbook to more than 500 schools in 43 states.

Before the laws passed, most schools would have been concerned about whether the classes are legal, but now the main objection is money, Jenislawski said.


All I’ve got to say about this is render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s, but get a receipt.

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  1. So they need books other than the bible in order to study the bible? I take it its some manner of apologetics guide or other

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