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Slut Walk Needs Your Help

Donations needed for SlutWalk Minneapolis- ALMOST THERE! 🙂

We really need your help.

We have $1,742 in donations right now, and that means we have paid the permit for the Park Board. YES!

We have an additional invoice of $402 for the rentals for the road barriers for the Walk. The total is $2,137. We are only $395 away from paying for the Walk. So close, we can hardly stand it!

Please help. Your donations are tax deductible. We have over 600 Walkers signed up. If each of you donated just $5, we’d have the permit paid, any other extra fees, including the rental for the PA system and the road barriers, and money left over for donations to MN NOW and Alexandra House.

We know you’re Walking because this is really important to you. You’re a survivor or you are supportive of a survivor or you feel that the Rape Culture needs to be changed and sexual violence against people is never OK.

Please donate, ask your friends to donate, link this to your social media sites, tweet it….get the word out.
Other SlutWalks had to raise their funds as well, and they were successful. We know that the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota can do this.

Our donate button is just below. Please donate. Please ask others. Remember, you’re doing this for yourself, for someone you love and care about, for someone you don’t even know who appreciates your support and care. Thanks for donating!

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Debbie the Blogger on Natural Transitioningâ„¢

Debbie is a friend that I KNOW has a lot of blog posts in her. I have special powers, I can see these things. And she’s told me that she wants to write more, and I strongly sense this is more than a half baked idea; It might even be a need. Or at least, a fully baked idea.

So, I’m very happy to see that Debbie caught a break. Our mutual friend, Amy, was kidnapped by Pirates, and her blog had an open space in it so Debbie has jumped in to fill it with a very interesting post on gender transitioning vis-a-vis the Naturalistic Fallacy. Have a look:


A List Of Lisp and Emacs Books

Land of Lisp: Learn to Program in Lisp, One Game at a Time! is a book about lisp programming. If you are into programming for fun, artificial intelligence, role playing games, or an emacs user, you should take a look at this book. I’ve got some info on this book as well as a few others for the budding emacs enthusiasts.
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Vaccination vs. Disease: Which is worse?

It is very reasonable for a parent to worry about vaccines. For one thing, most of them involve sticking the baby or child with a sharp object, thus making the little one cry, and it would be abnormal to not have an automatic reaction to that. For another thing, they are drugs, in a sense. When the little one is ill, and you call in to the health care facility in the hopes that there will be some useful advice, most of the time you hear “No, we no longer recommend giving [fill in the blank with a medicine you thought might work] to children under [one or two months older than your child]. But if [symptom] persists for more than [amount of time that is 12 hours longer than the symptoms ever persist], call back.”
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Are You Funding the Fundies? Yes. Here is what to do about it:

For weeks, you and other All Out members have been urging companies to cut ties with CVN (also known as CGBG) – a site that allows customers to donate a portion of their online purchases to ‘charities’ – including several anti-gay groups such as Focus on the Family (FotF) and Family Research Council (FRC). Because of our efforts, dozens of major companies have dropped off the network!

But now these groups have taken notice and they are telling their supporters to directly contact companies like Apple, Macy’s, Microsoft and Netflix and push them to re-join CVN. These companies have come out in support of LGBT rights, but are now the targets of a powerful hate machine.

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